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Doyu Card Battle - English Instructions

About Doyu Card Battle

Doyu Card Battle is a one or two players card RPG game. Basically the game consist of a turn-based battle between 2 players on which you use cards to fight. On each turn, one player throws one card, that has a different effect, such as damage, defense, immunity, counterattack and so on. The objective is to remove all the health points of your opponent.

Doyu Card Battle Doyu Card Battle


On a battle, each opponent has a different set of cards or deck.
You start with a basic deck of 30 cards. As you obtain money and you reach some achievements you will be able to buy new cards and configure your deck.
There are basically 2 kinds of cards: effect cards and modifier cards. An effect represent an action towards you or your opponent. A modifier card alters some of your or your opponent´s modifiers.

Effect Cards

Damage: Direct attack. It remove some health points (HP) of you opponent.
Health: Healing card. It gives you some health points (always without exceeding your maximum level of health).
Drain: Direct attack and healing. You take some health points from your opponent and give them to you. Attack and defense modifiers do not apply to this effect.
Drain Karma: You take some karma points from your opponent and give them you to.
Combo: Throw more cards in the same turn.

Doyu Card Battle


There are 8 kinds of modifiers. They alter the effect of a card when it is thrown.

Doyu Card Battle Modifier Attack: It increases the effect of a Damage card towards your opponent. It does not alter a drain or poison card.
Doyu Card Battle Modifier Defense: It decreases the effect of a Damage card towards you. It does not alter a drain or poison card.
Doyu Card Battle Modifier Counterattrack: When you are attacked by a poison, damage or drain card, you will counterattack.
Doyu Card Battle Modifier Regeneration: You receive some health points on each turn.
Doyu Card Battle Modifier Karma: 100 points of karma gives you a special card.
Doyu Card Battle Modifier Poison: You lose some health points on each turn.
Doyu Card Battle Modifier Paralysis: While you have this modifier, the cards you throw will not make any effect.
Doyu Card Battle Modifier Immunity: Your opponent cannot attack you in any way during some turns, althought he/she can those turns to obtain karma, health points, etc.

Modifiers Cards

You can improve your modifiers with the following cards: Attack, Defense, Counterattack, Regeneration, Karma and Immunity.
Poison and Paralysis cards alter your opponent's modifiers.
If you use a modifier card and you already have some status for such modifier, you will keep the maximum of those value. For example, if you use a card with "Attack 4" and already have "Attack 3" you will obtain "Attack 4" and not "Attack 7".

Dispel and Cure Poison

Dispel cards remove one or more of your opponent's modifier. The modifieres that can be dispeled are Attack, Defense, Counterattack and Regeneration.
Cure Poison card removes your poison status.

Special Modifiers

Together with attack, defense, counterattack and regeneration, there are 4 special modifiers: special attack, special defense, special counterattack and special regeneration.
Those special modifiers cannot be dispeled and are added to the normal modifiers.

Your Deck

On Your Deck section you can buy new and improved cards. Each card has a different price and it usually requires some kind of achievement to be unlocked. Those achievements can be related to the one player or the multiplayer mode of the game Doyu Card Battle, but they can be related with other Doyu games too.
You can obtain money either on the one player or the multiplayer mode.
Once you have many cards, you can decide to deselect the worst cards you do not want to use, as long as you keep 24 normal cards and 4 special cards at least.

Doyu Card Battle Doyu Card Battle

Your Character

On Your Character section you can select which character you want to use on both one player and multiplayer fights. Characters do not have special habilities, it is only an esthetic selection.

One Player Mode

On the one player mode, you will fight against CPU. There are 6 worlds and 60 levels to defeat. Each world will unlock 1 or 2 new cards. On some levels, CPU obtains new cards. Do not forget to spend your money to buy new cards to be able to defeat your opponents.

Doyu Card Battle Doyu Card Battle

Multiplayer Mode

When creating a match on multiplayer mode, you can choose the initial health of both players, the time per turn and the playing mode.
Evolution or RPG mode is the main mode. On it, each player will use his/her own deck.
Arcade mode is less interesting but more egalitarian. On it, players' decks are not taken into account and both players employ the same default deck. This mode can be useful to allow people with very different decks to play between them.

Doyu Card Battle

You have just read the instructions of the game. If you want to play, click here.

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