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Doyu Gems - English Instructions

Doyu Gems

About Doyu Gems

The main objetive is to create matches of 3 or more in a row or column by clicking an adjacent tile to swap.

Behind some tiles there are wooden (or metal) plaques. Make matches over all the wooden (and metal) plaques to destroy them and finish the level.

Wooden plaques need 1 match to be destroyed, whereas metal plaques need 2 matches.

To swap tiles either make click on one tile and then on an adjacent tile or drag one tile up to the other tile.

Doyu Gems

Hammer Bonus

Destroy 20 hammer tiles and obtain a Hammer bonus which let you destroy any tile.

Locked Tiles

Some tiles are locked and cannot be moved or swap until you destroy the lock with a match of tiles or with the hammer.

One Player Mode

Obtain money on each Level or World you finish and buy new worlds or bonus levels with it.

Registered users automatically save their in-game progress, the money they get and the worlds they buy.

Discover all the 80 levels and 8 worlds we have prepared for you


Doyu Gems

MultiPlayer Mode

Be the fastest player to destroy all the wooden or metal plaques. Up to 3 players can play on the same macth.

Doyu Gems If time ends and nobody finished the level, the winner will be the player with less wooden or metal plaques.

Metal plaques equal 2 wooden plaques.

Magic Bonus

Doyu GemsDestroy 20 blue magic tiles and send a thunder to your opponents. This will add a new wooden plaque to your opponents. This option can be disable when creating the match.

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