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Match-3 Attack - English Instructions

Match-3 Attack

About Match-3 Attack

In this puzzle game, the player must arrange sets of blocks in horizontal or vertical lines of three or more matching blocks by swapping blocks horizontally two at a time.

As matching lines are formed, the blocks are cleared from the screen and any blocks above them fall into the gaps.

Moreover, blocks rise toward the top of the playfield, with new blocks being added at the bottom.

Player has to defeat the opponent (Battle mode) or destroy a number of blocks (Arcade/Race mode) before blocks or "garbage blocks" exceed the top of the playfield


Match-3 Attack

Arcade/Race mode

In the Arcade mode (one player version) you have to destroy a number of blocks before blocks exceed the top of the playfield.
The Race mode is the multiplayer version of that mode: Destroy a number of blocks before your opponent and before blocks exceed the top of the playfield.
In that mode, there is no attacks between opponents.

Battle mode

In Battle mode (against another user in the multiplayer version or against computer in the one player version) the goal is to defeat your opponent (causing the opponent to lose). There is no number of blocks to achieve. To reach the victory, attack your opponent by sending "garbage blocks" (superblocks) to your opponent. Build chains and combos to obtain those attacks.


Chains, combos and "garbage blocks"

Clearing more than three tiles in a single move scores a Combo, while Chains are scored when falling blocks from one clear cause another clear to occur. Both of these events score extra bonus points, and in Battle mode, these also send "garbage blocks" (or superblocks) to the other player's playfield. Destroying serveral sets of blocks in a very short period of time also scores a Chain.

Match-3 Attack

In Battle mode, moreover, these events also send "garbage blocks" (or superblocks) to the other player's playfield (see image below). Each time you perform a Combo or a Chains, your "garbage counter" (see image on the left) will be increased and when it will be full, you will attack your opponent with a "garbage block". This is the way you can defeat your opponent.

Match-3 Attack Match-3 Attack

In order to remove a "garbage block" from your playfield, you will have to perform a blocks match with a block having contact with the "garbage block". At this moment, the "garbage block" will become six normal blocks.


Keyboard or Mouse

You can use both Keyboard or Mouse to play this game. Mouse is simpler at the beginning, but using the Keyboard will allow you to acquire more speed after some practice.

Mouse Controls

Move the mouse to select the blocks to swap.
Click on them to swap them.
Click on the White Arrow to raise more blocks (see image below).

Match-3 Attack

Keyboard Controls

Arrows: select the blocks to swap.
Space: Swap the block.
"U": Raise more blocks.

Alternatively, you can also use A-S-D-W keys to move (as well as Space and U)



Raising more blocks

Move more blocks up (White Arrow or U key) when you don't have enough blocks to make matches or if you want to prepare large chains or combos. Advanced players could use this technique to prepare hard attacks in the Battle mode.

Match-3 Attack

One Player Mode

Obtain money/points on each Level or World you finish and buy new worlds with it on the Battle or the Arcade mode.

Registered users automatically save their in-game progress, the money they get and the worlds they buy.

Discover all the 120 levels and 12 worlds we have prepared for you.

MultiPlayer Mode

Play online against other users. You can choose to play on the Race or the Battle mode. Choose also the speed of the match when creating a match.

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