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These are the instructions of Doyu Defense.

Choose Difficulty

  • Easy: If you have never played, start playing the Easy mode. It has 40 levels and only appears one wave of Doyus.
  • Normal: It has 60 levels and appears two waves of Doyus.
  • Hard: It has 80 levels and Doyus are stronger.
  • UltraHard: Only for masters. It has 100 levels.

Buy a Defender

  • Click on Defenders button to buy one or to see its information. Each Defender has a price.
  • Drag the bought Defender on the arena and click again to place it. You can't place a Defender if it completely blocks the path of a Doyu. In such case, a blocking message will appear.
  • Keyboard's shorcuts
    • Numbers keys buy a Defense if you have enough money (hotkeys).
      • Key 1: Buy a Nomal Defender.
      • Key 2: Buy a Fast Defender.
      • Key 3: Buy a Slow Defender.
      • Key 4: Buy a Power Defender.
      • Key 5: Buy a Sky Defender.
    • 'Delete' key destroys the selected Defender.
    • 'U' key upgrades the selected Defender.

Select a Defender

  • Click on a placed Defender to see its information in the Info Panel
  • Info Panel:
    • Left column: shows the current features of the selected Defender.
    • Right column: shows the features when the Defender is upgrated.
    • Upgrade button lets you upgrade the selected Defender, each upgrade has a differente cost.
    • Destroy button lets you destroy the selected Defender.No gold is refunded. If the Defender is destroyed before the game has started, your gold is refunded.


  • Press Start button to start the game.
  • Right panel shows score, lifes and gold.
  • Left panel shows time to next level and number of Doyus on the arena.



Interface 2

  • Dark spheres predict the kind of Doyus that will appear in next levels.
    • The biggest sphere shows the current level.
  • Press next level button to go to the next level and throw next wave of Doyus.



The game

  • Doyus appear from 2 sides of the arena, from the top and from the left.
  • They try to achieve the opposite side. You have to avoid that Doyus arrive the their goal.
  • If a Doyu arrives to the opposite site of the arena, you lose a life.



  • Place Defenders on the arena.
  • The Defenders will try to neutralize Doyus.
Maze example - Doyu Games

Maze example

  • In order to defeat several levels of Doyu Defense you will need to build a more elaborated maze, to make Doyus need to cover a bigger distance to reach the opposite of the arena.
  • Here you can see an example of maze, but you can build better mazes to defeat the hardest levels.



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