Tips to stay safe while playing online poker

Tips to stay safe while playing online poker

If you play poker at online cash games sites, you’ve likely heard of those high-profile attackers targeting players using malicious software in order to hijack people who play online poker. Between the ideal targets of this hackers are poker pros, especially since they have considerable balances in their poker accounts with hundreds or thousands of dollars or another currency. Because of their healthiness, pros are an attractive target in this industry.

Thinking that your personal information can be public online it’s scary, making people to wonder if it’s safe to play poker online. Along this text, we will give you the keys you must always consider to stay safe while playing online poker and to ward off cybercriminals.

Tips to stay safe while playing online poker

Research the operators

The first step is to play at a trusted site. This involves the need to spend some time doing a proper research in order to understand which sites could offer you the best online gaming environment and the safest experience.

The running of the website it’s also important as well as the opinions of other people who have spent a considerable amount of time playing poker online. Search reviews to make a better choice.

Login screen with High-Tech Encryption

Whenever you log in to any poker site, you will be required to enter a username and a password you’ve chosen. Our recommendation is that you make sure this information is correctly encrypted and entered into a safe database which only a few individuals (admins or anti-fraud staff) have access to.

Don’t play as the admin

It’s been said by some experts on this field that you should only play online poker on a device where you have no administration (admin) rights to or where those admin rights are not active at the moment. That way, it will be more difficult to secretly install a malware program on your device while your session is on.

ID to make a deposit or a withdrawal

Online poker sites work with financial transactions, as you must know. When it comes to this, it’s not enough to ensure proper security to use a simple username and a password. This is the reason why some operators will ask for your ID before you can make a deposit or a withdrawal. However, some people prefer to keep them anonymous.

Don’t connect at public Wi-Fi hotspots

A lot of people use free public Wi-Fi networks at coffee shops, airports, hotels, malls to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Some of these networks may look as legit when, in fact, they’re not. Nearby cybercriminals create rogue networks that seem legitimate and the take advantage of this to direct your information to their own computer or database.

Even if the Wi-Fi network is legitimate, always assume that connections are being eavesdropped on. That way, you should always keep your actions simple, like surfing the Internet, never entering sensitive data like your poker site password.

Secure your device

When money is involved, you should always protect your device by installing apps that help you lock the poker app. That way, hackers will never be able to play the game on your behalf and you’ll keep your data safe by securing your devices with passwords or fingerprints scanners.

Choose the best online poker site

To play online poker you should only trust genuine and trustworthy platforms that keep a strict protocol of security features in order to provide a safe and transparent experience to users.

This is something you can find at the best PPPoker clubs, which count with security measures like IP restrictions and a GPS tracker, making them strictly impartial. Furthermore, this product has been tested and certified by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International, the certification that assures players that their game will always be safe.