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Today we bring good news for those who: 1) develop games for the Sony’s gaming systems; 2) develop games for any devices with the revolutionary Unity engine. A few days ago it was annouced that Sony and Unity Technologies extended their partnership. Summing up, this means more games made in Unity 3D, which also means more games for Playstation players.

To go a little into detail, Playstation games developers will continue to have access to several Unity Pro developing tools to create their own games. And for the future more tools will be available to make it easier to develop projects for these consoles.

And if you don’t have any experience in making games but would like to start developing games for Playstation in Unity, that’s also possible by hiring a developer from a website like Yeeply, where anyone can hire developers and designers for their own projects.

There’s something that have been circulating through the Internet for quite a while now that deserves the attention of anyone who enjoy working / playing with the Unity engine: there’s a possibility that the team that built Unity, Unity Technologies, are looking forward to sell the company. The price? People say its around 1 or 2 billion dollars.

It seems like a lot of money, but if we measure the value of their great engine, the amount of games released under this engine every day and what the future seems to bring to the engine, it seems like a fair price to ask for.