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Corona 2015

About 2 months ago Corona joined Fuse Powered, and one of the concerns that most of the developers that use the Corona platform was the new direction that the brand would walk. Corona is mostly known for it’s easy learning curve and the biggest fear was that new changes could somehow ruin that concept.

Thankfully the Corona team posted an article on their blog about future updates and we couldn’t be happier about it. If all goes as expected, Corona should continue to be a great platform for both novices and experts.


Today we’re going to talk about a developing platform more deeply than what we’ve been doing so far. We’ve talked about Corona before, but do you actually know exactly why people may choose Corona over any other development tool? If you don’t, today you will understand this choice and perhaps make it your own as well.

One thing is for sure: Corona is growing everyday, getting more and more popular as more people develop games and apps on it. Corona is very simple to use, yet it has so many tools it makes it a very complete and complex platform to use, however everything is structured so that all the features aren’t too overwhelming like what happens with other platforms for new developers.

Another good thing about Corona is that it doesn’t matter if you’re alone developing apps or that you’re on a big team trying to make the most popular smartphone game ever, as we said things are done so the huge amount of options don’t make it a very tedious experience when we’re not really professionals.

A detail that also attracts many developers is the fact that with Corona you can count on a library full of APIs that allow developers to create any kind of apps, games, ebooks, etc. for all kinds of platforms. There’s also a big community support from both Corona developers and also community managers that tend to answer all kinds of doubts.

To end our article, we’ll talk about the different licenses available on Corona. There’s atleast 4 kinds of license, being Free, Basic, Pro and Enterprise. To sum them up really quickly:

– Free: Allows you to freely develop stuff but you won’t be able to publish your projects (see it like a demo or trial version).

– Basic ($16 per month): Same features as Free, but now you’re able to publish your projects on Android, iOS and several others.

– Pro ($49 per month): Offer a huge number of new features and also allows you to have the license on a second machine, so you can work on your projects on diferente devices.

– Enterprise ($199 per month): Same as Pro, but now with the possibility of working offline. Perfect for small and big companies (prices may change according to the size of the company).

If you want to learn more about Corona, you can read this article where an analysis about Corona goes more into detail.