Tips to manage your game developing team

Tips to manage your game developing team

You may have a great team of developers, designers and all kinds of professionals in order to make the most ambitious projects ever, but without the ability or capacity to manage all personnel, it’s bound to fail. As in any team sports, a team without someone in charge or / and with the propor tools and knowledge to do so will never succeed. The same happens in business model, and in the game development industry is no different.

In order to make this job much easier, we will give you some tips that will surely help you manage your team.

Communication is key

It’s a well known but also wide forgotten tip. Communication is indeed key for many reasons. With communication comes organization, you know exactly what your employees are doing, how they are feeling, etc. Socializing is also a form of communication and a good relationship with your employees can really help to get morale up. An uninspired professional won’t use 50% of his capacity towards the company goals.

A positive environment goes a long way

This should be a no-brainer as well. A stressful environment can easily make people sad, frustrated, without any will to get up in the morning and start working. You want people to be happy, to enjoy what they are doing for you and the company. There’s a popular saying that says “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”. This is key.

A good office decoration / style can also inspire employees to be more productive. You cannot expect people, especially on this kind of business, to be creative if you force them to work on small and ugly spaces. Get a interior designer if needed. Check the biggest companies examples, they all have one thing in common: they all look amazing. Of course you may not have the same budget, however decoration an office can also be cheap.

Use tools to manage your team

Don’t be that boss that has an excel sheet for every single employee, task, sector… They say that Excel is the Human Resources best friend, but that’s such a mistake to believe. In the 21st century using solely excel to organize your company numbers is more than an hassle, it will hinder your progress greatly.

Thankfully nowadays there are so many tools and software that almost replaces the HR department entirely. A great example is Bizneo HR, a software that allows you to manage your personnel so easily. Track your talent working time, absences, vacations, recruitment processes… With Excel sheets you’re bound to lose / forget data that may be crucial for your company, but with software like this its almost impossible to happen.

Be an example to everyone

Its the last tip but not the least important (every tip is equally important actually). Each person is one singular human being, however we as human beings easily adapt to everything. In a working environment, if we see our boss slacking or simply not being a responsible person, we will probably do the same. Because of that, we need to be an example, or an inspiration to our employees. Otherwise we cannot expect them to be 100% productive. Slacking creating more slacking.