Future updates for Corona this year

Future updates for Corona this year

Corona 2015

About 2 months ago Corona joined Fuse Powered, and one of the concerns that most of the developers that use the Corona platform was the new direction that the brand would walk. Corona is mostly known for it’s easy learning curve and the biggest fear was that new changes could somehow ruin that concept.

Thankfully the Corona team posted an article on their blog about future updates and we couldn’t be happier about it. If all goes as expected, Corona should continue to be a great platform for both novices and experts.

There are 4 sectors they are going to focus this year. They want to effectively reduce the difficulty level of working for other gaming platforms such as the mobile devices. Another promise is to make it easier for plugin developers do develop and distribute their plugins, since right now its possible to create and add plugins but this task could be a little easier.

Another good news, this time for designers, is that they are looking forward to give more tools and liberty to work on the graphics. What right now may seem up a little limited, in the future that will change. And finally, they want to reduce the difficulty of basically every step during development, because there is still some room for improvement and make every task a little less complicated.