WiMi5, a platform to make HTML5 games

WiMi5, a platform to make HTML5 games

Do you know what a “WiMi5” is? Chances are you don’t, but if you’re looking to gain some experience (and money, maybe) by making HTML5 games, there you certainly want to know about WiMi5.

So, basically WiMi5 is a platform that allows any user, experienced or not in programming, to develop their own games. Instead of studying HTML5 for months to make a game like Flappy Bird, you can skip all the time that would take and make your own Flappy Bird pretty easily.

This tool is great not only for new users that lack the necessary knowledge, but also to graduated developers, because this platform allows to make casual games much easier and quicker. If this wasn’t enough, as of right now the platform is absolutely free, so you can dream of making your own games easily (and maybe even make a living out of it).

Any game you make on WiMi5 is not only compatible to your computer browsers but also to mobile browser OS’s, including iOS, Android, Windows phone, etc. The only thing you need to have into account is that from all the revenues that you get with your games, 30% are for WiMi5. Its still a great deal to who wants to launch as many games as possible or doesn’t have the skills to do so.