Hand exercises for gamers: 7 stretches for wrist health

Hand exercises for gamers: 7 stretches for wrist health

If you have arrived here it’s because you have also experienced the gaming cramps. It’s not unusual for gamers the need to stop playing in order to flex your hands and your wrists to stop the cramping. Gaming is responsible of a lot of stress on your hands and wrists and it can result in pain and some injuries.

Numb fingers, throbbing wrists… And you start thinking you might have carpal tunnel. Don’t worry, that’s likely not the issue even when the symptoms are quite similar to that and tendonitis: numbing, wrist pain, tingling and even a little bit of swelling.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some hand exercises you need to start practicing if you want to break free from that pain and to be able to play for hours without having to stop to stretch.

7 hand exercises for gamers

Prayer Position Stretch

This is the perfect stretch to loosen up both your wrists and your forearms. You need to put your fingers and palms together. Your fingers should be pointing up and your elbows outward, as if you were praying, that’s why it’s called like this. When you get the position, you will need to hold it for 30 seconds, at least. If you think you can hold it more time and more intense, increase the intensity by raising your hands slowly while keeping them together and make sure your elbows are still pointing outward.

Reverse Prayer Position Stretch

We like to put this strictly after the Prayer Position Stretch, since you will need to remain in the same position but with the difference that now you will press the backs of your hands together with your fingers pointing down. Again, hold this position for 30 or more second and slowly raise your hands keeping them still together and with the elbows pointing outward.

Wrist Joint Circles Stretch

Extend both your hands out and rotate clockwise your wrists gently in a circle. Do this up to 10 or 15 times and repeat the same exercise but counterclockwise now.

Thumb Twist Stretch

To be able to perform correctly this stretch you will need to keep your elbow bent and close to your ribcage. Now, turn your hand to make your palm face the sky and with your other hand, grab the thumb of the first hand and gently twist it to the opposite way. Do it gently until you feel a soft stretch, but don’t force it or you will cause unnecessary pain.

Supined Flexors Stretch

This is a stretch you need to perform on each hand separately. We recommend you to start with your left one. Keep your elbow extended and your palm facing up. With your other hand pull on the bottom half of your fingers so that your wrist gets downward. Yes, you will feel discomfort, it’s quite normal when moderate. If you feel pain, stop and ease up a bit on your pull. Hold this position for 30 seconds or a little bit more and repeat the exercise with your right hand.

Pronated Extensors Stretch

Exactly in the same position you were in for the last stretch but with your hand point downwards, not upwards. Now, like you did last time, use your other hand to pull down on the outside of your fingers. This will make your wrist to slowly lower and will allow you to feel the stretch in your forearm. Hold this position for another 30 seconds and repeat on your other hand.

Joint distraction stretches

This stretches can be performed on your fingers and on your wrists, both with both hands. We will explain first how to perform then on your fingers.

Get your hand with your palm facing towards your chest and with the other hand get the tip of your index and pull it outward until you feel how it separates from your knuckle. Hold five seconds the position and repeat with every finger.

Now, to perform this exercise on the wrists, you will start with your hand again pointing towards your chest. With your other hand grip the first hand and gently pull out until you feel separate from your wrist. Hold five seconds and do it with your other hand.