What’s new on CryEngine 3.6.8

What’s new on CryEngine 3.6.8

The CryEngine is one of the most powerful tools we can find to develop games. It’s not the easiest of the engines to develop games, especially if you’re a one man team, however the results can be seen on every AAA games that were released with this engine, such as the Crysis trilogy, State of Decay, Enemy Front, among others.

The version 3.6.8 was released almost a month ago and many were the updates (and very welcomed by developers). Among them some of the most important were:

– Improved AI’s navigation regeneration on run-time;

– Improved FBX;

– Removed restrictions related to 64k vértices;

– New assets (such as a Rocket Launcher).

Everytime Crytek launches an update to their engine, its literally a step forward to the future of gaming.